Encountering a vocal injury can be a scary and lonely time for anyone, particularly for a professional voice user. Receiving the correct care and treatment is of paramount importance.

Vocal Rehabilitation is a Specialist Profession, which requires the need for a wide spectrum of competencies to be met before the coach can begin to practice. A Vocal Rehabilitation Coach is the vital link between the Speech Therapist and Singing Teacher.

Vocal Rehabilitation can occur pre/post operation and/or during or after speech therapy. Once vocal rehabilitation has been completed, the client is returned back to their singing teacher.

Every vocal rehabilitation session is carefully planned for the client and can include stretch and release exercises, re-alignment, establishing balanced airflow, resonance, semi-occluded vocal tract exercises and vocal hygiene.

Sharon is a part of the Lewisham Voice Clinic, where there is a multi-disciplinary team who specialise in professional voice users. This setup can include a Laryngologist or ENT who specialises in voice, Speech Therapist, Vocal Rehabilitation Coach, Physiotherapist or Osteopath and a Psychologist.

She receives both NHS and private referrals.

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